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New York, Paris, India, Japan, Mediterranean, Crete, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt.... Places for the soul, not only for material aspects. My creations too, as a part of me, travel around the world, shown at exhibitions, trade fairs, in Museums, on fashion magazines and trend books. At times acknowledged with prizes and nominations.

Then there are special encounters, with art objects that bring me in touch with the soul of its creator. I feel that a new total change in my life is coming up, a step towards the next level of growth.

Abu Dhabi, Int. Pearl Conference, November 14, 2010. With Khalid Al Sayegh,Pearl Revival Committee, Abu Dhabi and Ellen Lau, Chamber of Commerce for Jewelry and Precious Metals, Beijing.

International Pearl Conference 2010 . Khalid Al Sayegh, chairman of the Pearl Revival Committee, presents his book on pearls to Bilal Badour of the UAE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development.

With Fathi Saleh, Director, CULTNAT, Egypt. June 2010.

With Zahi Hawass and Francesca Vitale, SCA, Egypt. June 2010.

Introducting the Exhibition Lost Arts of the Ancient Goldsmiths to the Malta Minister of Culture, 2002.

Chain and gold pendant with diamonds. Seen on Cosmopolitan, 1993.

TSL, Hong Kong, 1994. Pure gold, electroformed collection.

Lost Arts of the Ancient Goldsmiths, 2002. Exhibition organised in the framework of the JewelMed European project.

Merline rings, gold, star sapphire, emerald, fire opal. Seen on Vogue Gioiello, 1990.

Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, 1988. Exhibition.

Goldfingers, 1990. Sculpture exhibited at Erotika and gold designers, Vicenza.

Collier, laser collection. Seen on Vogue Gioiello, 1993.

Wonder Woman, Design exhibition of women goldsnith, Milan, 1996.

Longobards contemporary jewels, exhibition, 1990.

D come Design - Dictionary of designers, entrepreneurs and communication women, 2008

Sunrise Jewelleries. Madras, India, 1994. Jewellery collection. 22 carats gold and precious gemstones.
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