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Early memories speak of Tuscan hills, intense ties with ancient Etruria, direct motherly heritage. Not just physical belonging

As a child, I regularly visited the Grosseto Museum of Archaeology, where I would spend hours fascinated by Etruscan jewellery: I still remember a magnificent gold necklace that was stolen. The path started to be clear.

Ties with that archaic world surface through artistic, technical and philosophical studies, resulting in jewels created with the ancient granulation technique.

After long periods of study and research and in the US and France, upon returning to Italy, I brought back the granulation technique, participating in the "Fortuna degli Etruschi" exhibition with 25 unique pieces of jewellery, followed by jewellery collections that have characterized my artistic identity.

The need for knowledge beyond materiality emerges from the practical technical and scientific background: creativity and handcrafting synthesize the deep and intense ties to those who preceded me, thousands of years ago. When I create an object, I connect to their thoughts, the rhythm of tools, the operative choices. From such empathy, beyond time and space limits, stem paths of creative research and inner journeys.

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